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  • Freedown Hills F1 Wagyu Holstein Cross
  • Raised in Yorkshire England 
  • Enjoy with Barossa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Whole Freedown Hills Olive Fed Wagyu Bavette d'Aloyau 

Wagyu Bavette d'Aloyau is found between the Striploin and Flank. Our own Olive fed Wagyu is reared in Yorkshire, England, and creates an equilibrium between the traditional buttery long-lasting finish of Japanese Wagyu beef and the more beefy, iron flavours of Grass-Fed UK beef. The olive feed creates an umami taste to the beef, resulting in a slightly lighter finish. 

This is a versatile cut that has many different uses. Perfect for stir-fries, steaks, roasts, providing many delicious dinners and leftovers (if there is any!). Traditionally was an inexpensive cut, full of a rich offal flavour. Being very popular in French, Latin American and Asian cuisine it soon became mainstream with chefs and customers looking for a richer taste and more texture than that of the traditional cuts.

Allowing the beef to do the talking is key to enjoying this cut. Traditional recipes will tell you that Bavette needs time to marinade to help break down the robustness of this lesser cut. With this being Wagyu beef, you can cut that step out entirely, as the tenderness of Wagyu is found through all cuts. We love to cut these into 3 inch wide steaks. Bring them up to room temperature and season liberally with Maldon sea salt and a touch of oil. Heat a griddle pan or flat frying pan on high heat, put the steak into the pan and fry on each side for 4 minutes or until a beautiful golden crust has formed. Add a generous spoonful of butter into the pan along with finely chopped garlic, shallots and thyme. Baste the steak with the aromatic butter and then remove from the heat and cover for 8 minutes. Slice the steak across the grain and serve, drizzling the infused butter over the top. Serve with roasted butternut squash wedges and sautéed kale. Enjoy with a glass of Barossa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.