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  • Segovian Certified Suckling Pig
  • Sourced from only 40 farms in Spain
  • Frozen

Segovian Suckling Pig Belly

Segovian Suckling Belly is a wonderful delicacy.  To be certified they must be from a combination of the Landrace and Hampshire breeds, sourced from specific farms, and be fed exclusively on their mother’s milk.  The milk diet gives the meat an incredibly pale, smooth textured and tender succulence. 

As a suggestion, score the skin and sprinkle with plenty of Maldon salt, then leave for 10hrs. Wipe off the salt and drizzle all sides of the belly with olive oil. Place the belly on a wire rack (over a roasting tin) in a preheated oven at 140C for about 2 to 2.5hrs. To finish, turn the oven up to 210C for the final 15 mins to crisp up the skin (Tip – brushing the top with Maple syrup will make the skin sweeter and even crispier).