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  • F1 Wagyu, 50% Wagyu, 50% Black Angus
  • Reared in the VIII and X Regions in Southern Chile
  • Halal
  • Enjoy with a glass of Merlot

Chilean Wagyu Beef Fillet BMS 6 – 7

Chilean Wagyu Fillet runs from the middle of the cow to the round, it is the most tender cut of Beef as it does the least amount of work, meaning a lean and less marbled piece as a result. Chilean Wagyu Beef is in a league of its own, being fed on grain for 500 days, creates a rich, buttery and luxurious to the palate. Being renowned for a rich marbling of fat running through the muscles, adding flavour and texture when cooked. With a long finish, you will find it coats the mouth exquisitely with stunning flavour. The higher 6-7 BMS marbling offers a deeply satisfying buttery richness not often found in other beef. Fork tender, their texture is smooth and creamy.

The fillet will provide roughly 10 Fillet steaks, a Chateaubriand and a Tail Fillet Steak. Once cut these can be kept in the freezer, ready to use for a special occasion. The Chateaubriand is great for making a Sunday Roast, or centrepiece for an exquisitely luxurious supper party. The steaks create a beautiful medallion, speckled with intramuscular fat shimmering throughout the steak.

As with all of our steaks the best way to cook them is from room temperature, always season and oil the meat, never the pan, as you get a more even and sublime crust. Sear in the frying pan for 3 – 4 minutes on all sides, cover and let rest with the residual heat penetrating the meat and locking in all the delicious taste and flavour from the Wagyu Fat. Serve with Pearl Barley, cooked in chicken stock for added flavour, and oven-roasted Shallots with a quenelle of horseradish cream adorning the top of the steak.