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  • Angus Breed
  • Grain-Finished Beef reared in Southern Chile
  • Frozen
  • Contains 1 ± 1.7kg piece
  • Enjoy with a Pinot Noir


Chilean Grain-Finished Oyster Blade


Chilean Oyster Blade comes from the shoulder of the animal. A flavoursome cut ideal for slow cooking or cutting into steaks. With a beautiful creamy finish, but bite just as you get from grass-fed beef, it is perfect with each bite.

Containing one ±1.7kg piece of meat, the Oyster Blade has a membrane that runs through the muscle. This leads the cut to be ideal for low and slow cooking to allow it to melt, creating a greater flavour with soft, melt in the mouth meat. This cut can also be used cut into thin strips for goulash, stir-fries and the such.

Why not try your favourite marinade on the Chilean Oyster Blade, and then cook low and slow in a preheated oven at 90 for around 3 hours, if the weather permits try this on a barbecue too. The result is tender, fork soft meat full of flavour. Serve with a Beetroot Hash, for extra colour on the plate and a handful of peppery salad so a simple supper.