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Wagyu Beef

Indulge in the ultimate taste experience and discover why Wagyu Steak is renowned worldwide for its superior buttery texture and exceptional flavour. Our Wagyu Beef has an extensive marbling effect which is created by ribbons of fat that run through the meat. It’s this high fat content which makes Wagyu Steak so succulent and tender.


All Wagyu Beef is graded according to a strict criteria and given a 'BMS' score ranging from 0-9. At Meat Me at Home, we stock a range of Wagyu Steak with a BMS score of 4-5, 6-7 or 8-9 to ensure that you find your perfect steak.

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

Meat Me at Home supply the same exceptionally high quality meat as their parent company Freedown Food. For over two decades, Freedown Food has been supplying the finest meat available to top Michelin Star restaurants in the UK. From exotic game meats to luxurious Wagyu beef, the quality of Freedown Food and Meat Me at Home’s range of meat is only surpassed by the taste. Discover it for yourself today.