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Wagyu Beef XO Sauce (50ml)
Wagyu Beef XO Sauce (50ml)

Originating from the archives of the Forbidden City emperors, the meat paste has been around for over 3000 years. Traditionally eaten as a relish to accompany steamed rice, however over time it has evolved into an umami building block in many other dishes.

Taste notes: Sweet umami, richness from the wagyu rendered oil, salty, slightly spicy.

Ingredients: Australian wagyu beef, sugar, salt, fermented soy beans, sesame, chilli, vegetable oil, preservatives.

Use for:

  • Dip for meat / fish / vegetables.
  • Instead of ketchup.
  • Base for salad dressings.
  • Add oil to create a flavoured oil.
  • In stir fries instead of other condiments such as oyster sauce.
  • To finish soups as you would with a rouille or pesto.
  • Add to fried rice / noodle dishes.
  • As a condiment for soup noodles.

P.S. this is an Add-On product, which means you need to have any meat item(s) from the whole of MMAH selection in your basket to purchase this or other sauce(s).