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Tips and Tricks for the new MMAH Luxury BBQ Pack

Posted on March 07, 2016 by Teri Billon | 0 Comments



Tips and tricks for grilling the MMAH Luxury BBQ Pack

We’re quickly approaching the peak of the Great British BBQ season, and I’m delighted to have the new MMAH Luxury BBQ Pack to get me on the grill for a sunny afternoon. 

BBQ Tips

You can grill this Luxury BBQ Pack  on a self-starting gas grill or on your charcoal fired kettle BBQ.  It's always a good idea to give the grilling rack a quick rub with a copper BBQ brush to prepare it for cooking.  If your kettle BBQ is full of used ash, it's important to empty it before starting. 

If you’re using charcoal briquettes, the most reliable method for lighting the BBQ is a chimney starter. If you fill the chimney, you’ll have between 1-5 hours of cooking time.  Firelighters are the best way to get the chimney of charcoal going. The key is to let the charcoals burn 20-30 minutes in the chimney before you put them in the kettle BBQ.  

Once the charcoal briquettes are glowing white hot, lightly oil the grilling surface with vegetable oil or your favorite herb infused oil. This will keep the meat from sticking to the grilling rack when it’s time to do the flip-over.

The Exotic Burgers

You can put the burgers on the BBQ directly from the freezer, or you can let them thaw and come to room temperature. If you decide to put them on frozen, be sure to take them straight from the freezer to the grill. If they begin to defrost even a little, the outer edges will burn while the center will still be frozen.  Burgers straight from the freezer will take 7-10 minutes on medium-high heat. Burgers at room temperature will cook 2 minutes on each size. The Zebra Burgers are very lean, and they should be cooked to medium rare at most to keep them moist and tender. Be sure to flip burgers only once.

Grilling the O'Hagans Sausages

The sausages need to defrost completely before they go on the grill. Take them out of the freezer the night before, and put them in the fridge to defrost overnight.  It’s best to take them out of the fridge an hour before you’re ready to BBQ in order to give them plenty of time to come to room temperature. Chef Bex recommends giving them a good char on direct heat for 10-12 minutes and then moving them over to the side, or placing them on the top rack of your BBQ to cook through for another 20 minutes.

Yogurt and Pomengranate Quail Breasts

This pack of 10 Cold-Smoked Quail Breasts will serve 2 as an appetizer or 1 person as a main course.

The Quail Breasts will defrost in 15 minutes if you place them in the sink with warm water, or pull them out of the freezer to defrost overnight in the refrigerator. They will puff-up and cook through pretty quickly, 7-10 minutes maximum. You can serve them as is, or make a refreshingly cool Yogurt and Pomegranate sauce.

To make the yogurt and pomegranate dipping sauce, in a small ceramic serving bowl, gently stir 125gr of Natural Greek-style yogurt with the seeds from 1 pomegranate or an 80gr container of pomegranate seeds. 

We’ve had a lot of fun with our Luxury BBQ Pack, and we hope that you do too. If you have any questions, or any great ideas for us, please do get in touch. would love to hear your take on our Luxury BBQ Pack, send us your BBQ pics and we’ll post them with pleasure!



Chefs Bex & Ras grilling exotic burgers


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