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Why We Started Meat Me At Home

Posted on March 07, 2016 by Teri Billon | 0 Comments

Teri Billon, Meat Me at Home’s Creative Publisher, unveils the story behind the Meat Me at Home brand. Join Teri on the Meat Me at Home blog for insights into the latest choice cuts, tips to recreate incredible recipes and fabulous Secret Supper Club dining experiences.


Meat Me At Home rusted letters with herbs

Welcome to Meat Me At Home


The seeds of Meat Me at Home were planted in the early months of 2013. My daughter’s school Spring Fair was coming up, and I had volunteered to be in charge of the event BBQ. I was on the hunt for some good quality food for the occasion, and was told to get in touch with a local dad who had “some kind of meat company”. Word in the playground was that he had supplied some particularly delicious burgers and sausages the previous year.

That dad - John Bengué - happened to be Managing Director of Freedown Food Company; the UK’s leading importer of Wagyu Beef and a supplier of high quality meats to many of the UK’s top restaurants. This was a company with an unparalleled reputation for sourcing supreme cuts of unusual meats, and the chefs supplied by Freedown Food Company have collectively earned over 30 Michelin Stars.  

Thanks to John, the BBQ was a roaring and sizzling success, and my appetite had been whet for more of these fantastic products. I instantly wanted to find an easy way to have them delivered to me, so that I could share these mouth-watering meats with friends and family. With that, an idea was hatched, and just 6 months later I’m working with John and the team, and we’re launching a dedicated website to offer those burgers and sausages and a whole lot more to like-minded folk looking for "exceptional meats with outstanding taste" to serve at home.

Going forward, we’ll be using this blog to share recipes for these succulent cuts of meat from some of the most talented and respected chefs in the country. We’ll also be talking about new breeds of lesser known cuts that have become wildly popular in recent times; showing you how to make the most of them in your own kitchen. Using our blog as a guide, we can show you how to pair those succulent meats with fresh, no-fuss seasonal side dishes your whole tribe will love.

Along the way we’ll chat about our Secret Supper Clubs and give you hints and tips to throw together a relaxed and inspiring pop-up style dinner party of your own.

We’re really excited about sharing the delicious and unique meats available from Meat Me At Home with you. And we look forward to you sharing your stories, recipes and experiences with us.







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