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Iberico Toasties

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Rebekah Farr | 0 Comments

#NationalGrilledCheese day was a salivating moment in our office! It was time to put together the ultimate in cheese toasties.


The cheese choice ended up being simple, a delicious Comte. Characterised and loved for its aromatic richness, this cheese requires outstanding milk! Comte cows are exclusively from two breeds of cow, Montbéliarde and French Simmental. They are free to feed on a natural grass diet, and then in winter months moved to stables where they are fed locally harvested hay. This wonderful combination help maximise the delicious nutty aromatic flavours.

The meat filling, well really, what else could we put to compliment the delicious nutty aroma? Our phenomenal Iberico Jamon Asado. Pre-cooked this pieces of meat is a masterpiece in itself, but sliced and encased in melted Comte Cheese it is something else entirely!

Iberico Jamon Asado, comes from our wonderful suppliers De Raza. They raise, feed and manage the production of the Iberico Pigs throughout the south west of the Iberian Peninsula in the regions of Extremadura, Andalusia and Castile-La Mancha. Here the pigs live in the dehesa land which is  full of cork and holm-oaks, it is this that gives the pigs such distinctive flavour and characteristics.

Iberico Pigs are very distinctive with small heads and large jowls and snouts, their hind legs on the other hand are very long and descending, thin looking but don't be deceived they are extremely strong. As animals they are long and wide slightly indented and extremely muscular, although agile and free moving. Medium sized with a well proportioned belly, showing good growth and development. They live in groups and look harmonious and lively. Because of all the above, they make pretty delicious ham!


Our Iberico Jamon is precooked and ready to slice. You can either eat it cold straight from the fridge or slather it in marmalade and roast it. Anyway, before I get distracted with Christmas Ham recipes back to the job in hand, toasties! With the filling sorted, I picked some Sourdough fresh from Gails, the smell brought me in. Being Coeliac I can't enjoy that gorgeous taste any more but the smell still transports me to a happy place.

Slices of sourdough, with a kiss of salted butter on each side, a slice of Iberico Ham and then a pile of grated Comte Cheese. Butter the outside and toast, either the Croque Monsieur way in a fry pan ensuring all that sumptuous butter turns the bread golden brown and glistening, or on a Sandwich Grill.

The result crisp golden brown slightly salted crust of bread on the outside, nutty flavour of soft Iberico ham, topped off with the gooey aromatic flavour of the melted Comte. Heaven in a mouthful!

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