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Posted on March 07, 2016 by Peach Digital

Our high quality sausages are produced by the finest sausage makers: O’Hagan Sausages. This family run business is renowned for their unique combinations of flavours and their dedication to producing the best quality sausages. From traditional pork sausages to exotic Kangaroo and red wine sausages, you’ll find a fantastic variety of delicious combinations when you buy sausages online at Meat Me at Home.

If you’re a fan of healthy sausage recipes, our sausages are the perfect choice as they contain a minimum of 75% meat and no additives or preservatives.

For delicious, flavoursome sausages, buy sausages online at Meat Me at Home today.

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

For over a decade Freedown Food has been supplying top Michelin Star restaurants with luxury meat and now Meat Me at Home can deliver the same exceptionally high quality meat straight to your door! The quality of Freedown Food and Meat Me at Home’s range of meat is only surpassed by the taste.

Treat yourself to Michelin Star standard dining when you shop at Meat Me at Home.