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Posted on March 07, 2016 by Peach Digital

If you’re unsure about how to cook camel meat, our prime cuts are easily incorporated into a range of popular dishes. Camel meat isn’t aged like most meats to ensure that it remains temptingly tender and, it’s at its most succulent when marinated in your favourite spices then cooked well done. 

This tempting meat is also the perfect substitute for those who want to eat healthily but avoid a dull diet. Meat Me at Home’s cuts of Camel meat are extremely lean and packed with protein as well as Vitamin E. Since Camel has a lighter taste and texture to traditional beef steaks, it’s perfect for creating gourmet dishes for those with delicate palates.

Why wait to discover why Camel meat has been a luxurious treat for centuries, shop for prime cuts of Camel meat online at Meat Me at Home today.

Michelin Star Meat - For You at Home

For over two decades Freedown Food has been supplying top Michelin Star restaurants with luxury meat and now Meat Me at Home can deliver the same exceptionally high quality meat straight to your door! From luxury Wagyu beef to exciting exotic meats, top Michelin Star chefs agree that Freedown Food’s luxury meat is the ultimate taste experience.

Treat yourself to Michelin Star standard dining when you shop at Meat Me at Home.