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Posted on March 07, 2016 by Peach Digital

The delicious wild taste from Reindeer meat means that it only requires a little seasoning prior to cooking to bring out the exceptional flavour. As the meat is extremely fine-fibred it’s exceptionally tender and mouth-wateringly smooth when enjoyed medium rare. When cooking Reindeer, the best Reindeer recipes are those which involve cooking the meat slowly over a low heat.

Cooking Reindeer using this method will ensure that the meat retains its exquisite juicy, buttery texture. Rich, traditional flavours go best with this luxurious meat – try sauces with a honey, sherry or blackcurrant base to bring out the intense meaty flavours.

Whether you decide to experience Reindeer burgers, sausages or steak, Reindeer is an extraordinary treat to be enjoyed all year round. Shop at Meat Me at Home to buy Reindeer meat online today.